Transport, storage and forwarding company in the Port of Turku

Monihuolinta Oy is a forwarding, transport and storage company operating in the Port of Turku. Our diverse operation consists of forwarding, transport and storage services for both bigger and smaller needs. Read more about our services.

We offer about 2000 m2 of heated storage space and about 800 m3 of tank storage space. We are a forwarding company registered by the Customs. 

Excellent location

Monihuolinta Oy began its operation in 1972, and it was officially founded in 1979. Our personnel consist of experts with extensive experience.

Our company is located in a guarded area in the Port of Turku, close to excellent traffic connections. Storage spaces are located in the immediate proximity of docks and harbour fields.

We offer flexible, customer-based services to companies in different lines of business all over Finland. Contact us!

For access permit to the Port area, call:  +358 2 274 9017  or  274 9014.